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The Illustration Mill specialises in producing fantastical illustrative visions of positive architectural futures. 

The drawings are produced by Samiur Rahman, a qualified architect and illustrator based in London. During his studies, Samiur began using illustration as a method of architectural representation. His graduating projects were both award winning and recognised by the RIBA. Following his studies, Samiur has worked at two large AJ100 practices. The combination of formal architectural experience and a passion for illustration allows Samiur to have a unique ability to craft visions which are both graphically evocative and architecturally descriptive. 

The ethos of 'The Illustration Mill' is to fabricate visions which are difficult to demonstrate through orthographic drawings or photographic imagery. Often projects struggle to demonstrate design aspirations at earlier stages without seeming overly definitive of the architectural character. Our illustrative imagery seek to bridge the gap between early concept sketches and finalised photographic imagery. 

Please get in touch for any collaborative requests. 

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